jueves, abril 30, 2009

Ambidextrous brain

As for business, the two-side thinking is the key for great achievements in personal creativity. In order to increase the creativity efficiency, the two kind of thinking are necessary, right and left.
You can see the left brain working every time you solve daily problems. All the little actions intended to maintain in order your normal work, are the outcome of well organized and rational thinking. Even original solutions considered really imaginative are, in the end, the result of a internal left-side analysis of vantages and disadvantages.
By the other hand, when you imagine an almost impossible achievement, a really risky idea, a big leap, you are starting to think with your right side.
The first kind of thinking helps you to be successful in a daily basis. The other, helps you to be genial. The first is secure; the second is risky and brings critics. The majority of the recommended practices for achieving personal efficiency works in the left-brain area and is essentially, quality improvements. But, how can you take time to imagine impossible situations? And, after so many years of training the brain to think realistic, how can start thinking crazy? Maybe you can start doing some exercises, for example answering questions as:
• What Alexander the Great or Maxwel Smart (Do you remember? The dumb spy from the 70´s TV show) would do in this situation?
• Which idea will deserve a headline in the newspaper?
• Which action will make us earn US$1 million next week?

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